new baby on the way…

I always get questions emailed me at  I keep in touch with lots of former clients and friends.  Some times I find myself being asked the same questions.  So I thought maybe you’d be interested in hearing these Q & A conversations; and maybe it’d be helpful to you too 🙂  Feel free to email me your questions!  Here’s one I received this week:
Hi, Kristen.  How are you?  I’m nearing 6 weeks left until my due date and still feeling good! =) If you don’t mind, I have a couple of questions I would like your thoughts about:
My son is currently in school/daycare 5 days a week 7:45am-3:45pm.  He just had a switch in teachers and I am not very happy with the change.  I had already planned to reduce his daycare days during my maternity leave but I am looking for some thoughts about how much to reduce down.
In your experience and/or from what you have heard from other moms, do you have any suggestions re: 3 day a week daycare v. 2 days?  I am trying to factor in consistency for my son, the amount of change a reduction with represent, my ability to spend time with the new baby, cost, etc.
Any advice about reducing the daycare days right away when the baby is born or waiting a few weeks and having him in school 5 days to give a period of adjustment for him, me, etc?
Thanks for your help!
Hello!  Transitioning your first child around the same time as you bring home a baby can be tricky.  It’s recommended that you keep a similar routine ~ especially if he will be returning to full time care after your maternity leave.  However, it sounds like you need to switch things up  at school because you’re not happy with staff changes.  I have heard other moms say three days a week is easier for kids than two (in terms of catching on to the routine of school).  That being said, my daughter is three and she attends preschool two mornings a week and it’s great!  Do what feels right for your family ~ the right teacher, right cost, right schedule~and make the change as soon as you can…so your son doesn’t have two big changes at the same time.  Be patient with your son and yourself; transitions can be tricky.

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