‘Tis the season…


COLDS…blah!  So often people are asking what they can do to comfort their sick babies.  Here’s one recent email:

My daughter, age 1, is now sick. Although she is still in good spirits, she has a runny nose and horrible cough. I’m trying everything to help her… any suggestions??

While I’m not a doctor, I do have some suggestions that might help little ones feel more comfortable while sick.  *Please note: if symptoms persist or your child has a fever, it is recommended you call your pediatrician.  When children have a stuffy nose it can be hard to eat, sleep, and find comfort.  If you are nursing, nurse as frequently as baby wants.  It might help to suction out some mucus before nursing (I used the blue bulb given to me at the hospital, but lately the Nosefrida has been all the rave!).  If your baby is a toddler, keep them hydrated with water, juice-water combos, or even pedialyte pops (my kids love them!).

Just before bed, I usually fill the tub by running the shower with hot water…steaming up the whole bathroom.  Of course, check the water temp before you put your child in, but keep the doors/windows closed so it stays steamy the whole time they bathe.  Usually this is enough to loosen mucus (which will run a lot while in the tub = great sign! ) and their head will feel a bit more clear for sleep.  Also, running a humidifier is helpful…and the white noise is also a nice bonus too.  You can rub some vicks vapor rub on their chest and feet (cover with socks); and elevate their mattress a bit.  We put some towels under part of the mattress…toddlers of course can use pillows!  I’m also a really BIG fan of chicken soup ~ and when my daughter was little I’d put the broth in a sippy cup for her.  She loved it!  Older kids might enjoy some tea and honey (*it is recommended you wait until your child is 2 years old before introducing honey).  Of course there are loads of homeopathic foods (such as garlic or elderberry syrup) and herbs (like oregano) that may provide relief or shorten the length of a cold.  The most important thing of all though is…rest!  Rest for your child and YOU!  It’s a lot of work taking care of a sick babe.  Stay home, cuddle, nap together, and know that this too shall pass!


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