Hi Kristen! One more thing that maybe you could help me with…? I went to the pediatrician for my daughter’s 4 month check up yesterday and she said her head is really flat in the back (more than most babies) and I should meet with a cranial specialist and possibly have her fitted for a helmet. Then she went on to say it was purely cosmetic and its completely elective. Now I have this in my head and its bothering me. I’ve been trying to keep her upright as much as possible in the high hair, tummy time, jumper, bumbo, etc. but do you have an insight on this? I feel like its probably not necessary and seems sort of cruel if truly unnecessary but what do I know. Lol.
Hello!  You can see the cranial specialist and have measurements of her head taken.  This is supposed to clarify whether or not she really needs the helmet.  I’d also encourage you to contact a chiropractor (I love Bayside Chiropractic in Providence – Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Schaffer are amazing!) to see if it all seems ok.  They know a lot about neurological issues and whether or not to be concerned about things.  My pediatrician had told me those helmets are the most over-prescribed things ever…and that once baby sits up and while the brain grows, it pushes the head out and it’ll be fine.  I don’t know if I’d be comfortable making a decision for my own baby without at least a second opinion.  I suggest you call Dr. O’Brien/Dr. Schaffer and then consider seeing the cranial specialist.  It’s better to check in with a few doctors and make a well informed decision.  I hope this helps!
And I heard back from mom:
Hi Kristen,
 I just wanted to give you an update on my daughter. We see Dr. O’Brien once a week and its been great. He’s confident that he can correct the flatness within about 3 months. I can already see a huge difference. It’s amazing something so small can make such a difference. She’s also rolling to her belly now so every night I put her to bed on her back and she flips right over and sleeps on her belly. Guess there’s no stopping her now. So hopefully with her being off her back a lot of seeing Dr. O’Brien we can avoid this helmet altogether. Thanks so much for the recommendation! 

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