Let the family game nights begin!


What games do you recommend for young children?

I love games!  And, not surprisingly, so do my kids.  Your toddler might enjoy building with blocks, doing simple puzzles, and drawing shapes, but somewhere between the ages of 3 and 4 years you might begin introducing simple games to your child as well.  The first games I introduced to my kids were:

Memory Matching – Initially I placed the tiles/cards face UP and we’d take turns finding matches.  Once that became familiar, we’d place 5 pairs upside down.  Start off with small sets to find so your child is not overwhelmed.

Dominoes – I’m not talking about the black and white tiled dominoes (although give them a try if you like), but rather character dominoes.  We had the sesame street dominoes game where you’d match elmo-to-elmo instead of a number-to-number on the dominoes.  This game is simple and fun.

Cranium Cariboo – In this game, which does have a “board” of sorts, you need to find something based on a color, number, or letter (two levels of difficulty) and collect hidden balls which open a treasure chest.  It’s simple; and who doesn’t love opening a treasure?!?

Soundtracks Bingo – This was our first bingo game!  We had the cd set in random order and when a sound is heard you cover that spot on the card.  My children loved identifying the sounds…and some made us all laugh quite a bit (like flushing the toilet…ha ha!).

Tea Party Game – My daughter loves this game!  First of all, what toddler doesn’t love a tea party with their parent?  This game has you spinning for place settings, snacks, etc.; and we’d pretend to have a little tea party when we were finished.

Coo Coo (Rocking Clown Game) – This game was great for teaching balance and dexterity.  You must use gentle hands to place wooden pieces on the rocking clown…trying to NOT let him fall.

Zingo – This is another bingo game my toddler(s) could play!   In this game you reveal two picture tiles with each turn.  The first to grab the tile can place it on the card; and, as with bingo, the object is to cover each picture on your card.

CandyLand – The first “official” board game!  Even my 8 year old will still play CandyLand!  It’s an ideal game for someone who is too young for reading, but knows their colors.

These are some of my favorite GAMES for children ages 3-5 years.  I will post again soon with my favorite games for the bigger kids!  What is your favorite game to play?


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