What my forty years have taught me

I’ve learned that doing things for others makes us feel better about ourselves.

Volunteer, bring meals to friends, send postcards, be kind.


I’ve learned that elderly relatives have so much to share…and really need us.

Visit family in the nursing home, bring your kids to see (great)grandparents.


I’ve learned that letting go can heal your heart.

Anger really only hurts you – not the person(s) you’re angry at.


I’ve learned that simple things bring much joy.

There’s nothing like a clean space, fresh flowers, or family game night.


I’ve learned that a “tribe” is super important.

Being a part of a community allows for connection, support, and friendships.


I’ve learned your tribe can/will change – and that’s okay.

You don’t need to keep people in your inner circle who hurt you – even if they’re family or have been your friends for 20 years.

I’ve learned that your perception becomes your reality.

Change your perspective and you’ll change your world.


I’ve learned that relationships take work – even the best of them.

Thoughtful communication, listening, and putting aside your need to be “right” will carry you far.


I’ve learned that you should be honest with words and affectionate with actions.

Tell the people you most love wonderful things about them

and say I LOVE YOU often & give awesome HUGS.


I’ve learned that sometimes it’s okay to be sad.

Sadness is an emotion – which reminds me that I’m alive – and without sad days, I might not realize how awesome the good days really are.

I’ve learned that we all make mistakes – but owning them and apologizing is important.

Modeling vulnerability and humility is important; and apologizing makes it easier to move forward.


I’ve learned that there is so much more to learn!

Travel, meet people, be open…we have so much to gain from listening to others and experiencing new things

I know I’m a work in progress.

I will continue to work on being a better ME and love myself along the way.


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