What does a postpartum doula DO?

IMG_6187A lot of expecting parents have never heard of a postpartum doula, but the support of a doula can be THE BEST THING for a new family.  There are so many different roles a doula can have ~ each of them so very important.
Typically, when I arrive at your home I’ll do two things: wash my hands (No, you won’t have to ask me…how great, right?!) and see where you’re at.  How did you sleep?  Have you eaten yet?  Do you need a nap, a shower, help with feeding?  Do you have any questions for me?  This all changes from visit to visit…so some days you might just want to crawl back to bed…and I’ll keep baby healthy & calm while you rest.  Other days I might make you breakfast, help with organization or just listen as you share the challenges of being a new parent!  Emotional support and practical guidance is a huge part of what I offer new families.


And yes, I can wear babies while helping you around the house!  I can organize a nursery, clean dishes, chop veggies, or answer questions while bouncing baby to sleep (and I’ll show how to do it too!).


IMG_4093Sometimes I make a meal while I’m there – or prep dinner for later on.  Not only can I follow a recipe, I have a few in my “database” of recipes too!  On occasion, I’ll pull out my smart phone too…so I know how to best use those veggies from you farm share.


Leaving you feeling organized and confident is super important, so I’m often washing dishes, sterilizing bottles, and doing laundry.


IMG_3178A lot of parents appreciate my eye for photos too.  I have both a smart phone and a Nikon D 7000 with which I use to take beautiful photos for you and your family.  Some clients even use my pictures in their birth announcements!


IMG_4453I also help families find local resources, support groups, and information!  As co-founder and group facilitator for RI New Moms Connection, I see the value of having a community to connect with; and I have loads of resources to share!


The many roles we assume as doulas is endless, but as a new parent wouldn’t it be lovely to have someone offer emotional support, answer new parent questions, help with breast/bottle feedings, organize your home for baby, sterilize bottles, help you get out of the house, assist with baby-wearing, teach infant soothing techniques, provide local (and national) resources, and offer you a space to feel confident & competent as parent?!?

For more information on Doula Kristen, check out http://www.doulakristen.com or email kristen@rinewmoms.com.



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