Recommendations for enjoying summer with baby

Every Spring new mamas wonder how they’ll keep baby cool, safe from harmful rays, and relaxed outdoors in the summer (or on vacation).  Here are a few of my favorite recommendations.

UV Protectant/SPF Clothing – There are many companies selling sun protective clothing such as coolibar, Sunday Afternoons, LLBean, and more! I encourage you to get protectant swimsuits, long sleeve rash guards, and sun hats.  Be sure to read washing directions – most spf clothing can be washed, but should be line dried.

Safe Sunscreen – Most sunscreens are recommended for babies 6 months and older.  For babies under 6 months, consult your pediatrician.  Meanwhile, find a sunscreen with active ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Some of my favorites that I’ve used are Blue Lizard, Badger, and Babyganics.  Avoid all aerosol sprays as they can be inhaled into the lungs.  For more info on toxicity levels in products, check out Environmental Working Group.  *Don’t forget to re-apply!

Baby Pop Up Tent – Pop up tents not only provide shelter from the sun’s harmful rays, but allow you a space to feed baby, let them play, or perhaps even nap on the go. Many are light and portable and are easy to bring to the beach and park.

Cooling Cloths – New moms swear by the chilly pads and cooling towels that help baby’s feel more comfortable on hot days.  Line the seat while taking a walk, place between you and baby while baby-wearing, or use it in your pop up tent!

Water Wrap –  Consider buying a sunsafe moby wrap or a water wrap for the pool, beach, or shower.

Waterproof Diapers – Waterproof diapers, which can be cloth or disposable, allow you to bring baby into water without an exploding diaper of little blue beads.  One warning: The waterproof diapers do not hold in pee, just the poop.  So, don’t put it on before your car ride – save it for the water!

Yes, summer can be awesome with babies & toddlers, but keeping them safe from the sun is important.  Make sure the are comfortable (not overheating), hydrated, and happy!  When baby has fun, mama will too!IMG_3952


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