I’m having trouble sleeping…

…because I’m stuck in my head!

Women frequently tell me they have trouble sleeping – whether it’s the big ole belly getting in the way, trying to sleep on their left side, up to pee too often, etc..  Or, after baby comes, moms are kept awake listening to grunts, wondering if the baby needs a feeding, or counting the hours of sleep they’re not getting and worrying about exhaustion.

First I will say anxiety is real – and can be the cause of sleeplessness and worry.  So, you may want to check in with your doctor if you’re suffering from severe anxiety.  Meanwhile, I do have a few tips on making the nighttime a bit calmer…

*Create a sleep routine for you!  
We’ve read countless books on getting babies to sleep, right?  So we know they benefit greatly from an established bedtime and a nighttime routine.  Guess what?  SO DO YOU!  Try consistently going to be at the same hour (before 10pm perhaps?) and maintaining a routine that works for you.

*A hot shower is sure to wash away some of the day’s messiness and relax Mama.

*A little lemon balm tea perhaps.

*Unplug from the television, computer, smart phone…two hours before bedtime.  Maybe try listening to music, reading a book, journal writing, or connecting with your partner instead!

*Use an essential oil roll-on (such as peace & calming or stress away) or make a room spray (with lavender).  I use essential oils in many ways; and I love that they create a calming effect for my children and I as we drift off to sleep.  Did you know our cells have memory associated with aromas?  If there’s a scent that has relaxed you in the past, bring it back to calm you now.

*One of my favorites is Dr. Bach’s rescue remedy.  Choose from the spray, drops, or pastilles. Also, calm-a-mama makes sleep drops from flower essence!  I’m a classic Pavlov case as I barely open the bottle and I’m dozing off.  I never travel without it!

*Try using a sound machine (or ear plugs) if a snoring husband, whiny pet, or grunting baby is keeping you up.  You will still hear the crying if/when you need to!

*Uninterrupted sleep is amazing!  Try having your partner take the baby for a shift without you…sleep in separate rooms for a few nights…move the baby into your room or out of it (one might provide relief, the other stress).  Do what’s right for your own family.  Know that this is a temporary condition – things will change!

If you have any tips for things that have worked for you, please share!



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